Accounting has changed a lot since the ‘90s.
Contractors now have the choice between personal,
face-to-face accounting, and cutting-edge online accounting.

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At 1st Contact Accounting, we like to give you the best of both worlds. 
The choice, at the end of the day, is yours.

What works best for you?

Face-to-face accounting:

  • Personalised approach that caters to your unique needs
  • Build a long-term relationship with a trusted adviser
  • Assistance with your filing and administrative duties
  • Suits contractors who feel trust is based on a strong relationship with one individual and a human touch

Online accounting:

  • Real-time collaboration between yourself and your accountant
  • Apps that allow you to transact and record info on the go
  • Automated bookkeeping functions
  • Suits tech-savvy contractors who are comfortable working independently, liaising with their accountant on an ad hoc basis

Choose the package that suits you most:

All fees quoted exclude VAT

Face-to-face package

Includes a quarterly face-to-face meeting (at our central London offices) or a phone consultation with your dedicated accountant


£99 per month

Online package

For those who are comfortable having all accounting services delivered electronically - online, via email and over the phone


£91 per month

Company set-up
Assistance with bank account*
Initial assessment Face-to-face Phone and email
PAYE scheme set-up
Corporation tax  scheme set-up
Employee payments schedule
Registered office for contractors
Quarterly financial  "Health Check" Face-to-face Phone and email
Quarterly  bookkeeping
Dedicated accountant  and team
Financial accounts
Real time information submission
Annual shuttle  return: (£13  Companies House  filing fee additional)
Reference letters (visas/mortgages  etc.)
Other administrative requirements
VAT returns Add £25 p.m. Add £17 p.m.
VAT and flat rate  VAT registration
Personal tax from:** £130 £130
Company closure** £150 £150

Note: These fees are for single employees or shareholders. An additional fee starting from £500 per annum will be added for every additional employee/shareholder.
*We put you in touch with contacts at each of the major UK banks to help you start the business bank account application process as we are not allowed to do this on your behalf.
**These quoted fees are a guide only. They are based on the estimated time it takes to complete work, and so they are subject to change. We will always notify you of the actual cost of the service.